About Us

Building a brighter financial future

UMA SACCO LTD, is a Savings and Cooperative Society for Medical Doctors in Uganda which was established by a resolution of U.M.A AGM of June 2011 in line with the cooperative society CAP 112 and the cooperative society regulations 1993 with a vision of “A highly ethical and socio-economically empowered society of medical doctors in Uganda”

It was registered on the 12 th November, 2012 as a Credit and Cooperative Society by the Registrar of Cooperatives under the Ministry of trade Industry and Cooperatives.

UMA SACCO is Member owned, Member governed and member controlled organization by Ugandan Doctors Who Voluntarily subscribe for its membership to access opportunities for economic empowerment, improved welfare and elevated social and economic status in society.

The SACCO members are also registered members of U.M.A (Uganda Medical Association). UMA SACCO has grown from 23 members in June 2012 to more than 800 members in June 2020 with a portfolio of over 5 billion, savings of over 3 billion and a share capital of over 800 million.The UMA SACCO has helped members in accessing affordable credit services, land, collective investment which has greatly led to socio economic empowerment of her members.