My small experience with UMA SACCO

It was one evening, on our way back from a Rotary Medical camp, at Namutamba HCIII, (in the 1st week after internship) that Dr. Kadama Christine (the then Treasurer) told us about
the UMA SACCO, and how it was interested in us the fresh (junior) Doctors, explaining the plots, the loans, and other products that are available for us. After an engaging discussion together with my junior colleagues, we decided to join the SACCO. Actually, to make it serious, she asked us to make a deposit of any money we had, and I gave her my Per Diem of that day(50k) with a promise that I would complete the minimum requirements (170,000Ugx) and the paperwork later in the week at the office.

That evening I engaged my senior colleague Dr. Pretty Precious who after a lengthy discussion with personal examples of what she had already acquired from the SACCO, left me with no doubt. I was headed for the right partnership in financial health. It’s a no option venture. I later did the needful, joined officially, with the basic minimum of 170,000Ugx.

First months after the internship, obviously were “Hot” or “Cold” depending on whichever angle you view it, but I would inconsistently deposit at least 200,000 Ugx(1 share + savings), until I got a relatively stable job where I started to save consistently, one million per month till up to date. My target was up to 1yr (12 million savings), and I get a loan of about 30M, and start a clinic. All along, I had been working on the project only modifying as time went on. Four months down the road, I helped a colleague, as he was starting his clinic, and in the process, I learned the nitty-gritty. And after 7months of consistent saving, I got a suitable place, with a need for a health facility that could offer quality affordable services, and behold on the 25-12-2019 was born GK DOCTORS’CLINIC-Kijabijjo along Gayaza-Kalagi road. With my savings as security, and two guarantors, I secured a loan, that topped with my other savings and we started.

We are still in infancy (second month), but very promising. The clinic employs a full-time Clinic officer, A nurse, Lab assistant, Cleaner, and of course me the director on part-time. We are planning to add more equipment including (Ultrasound scan, Dental chairs, and improve our maternity section).

You are always welcome to GK DOCTOR’S CLINIC at Kijabijjo, along Gayaza – Kalagi Road.

Like our FB page @GK DOCTORS CLINIC. Also, reach us on

Positive lessons I learned

1. Just keep working on your dream idea, seriously.
2. Save, Save, Save. Consistently, purposively (with a target and deliberately and actually before you spend.
3. Network, Network, Network. Yes, get involved in an important network of friends/colleagues who can build you. These will be your guarantors (it may be hard to get a guarantor if you do not have like-minded colleagues in your circle!).
4. Do something you like, and enjoy doing. Something that helps and adds value to society, as you get money out of it at the same time.
5. When an opportunity comes, seize it. Start. There are more things to learn when you are there. You will never know them, until when you start.

My Recommendations
To the fellow Doctors, both Junior, and senior:
Please join UMA SACCO and let’s help each other on our way to financial freedom.
Let’s think in “decades” as said in “TOP10 HABITS OF MILLIONAIRES”(A good book, and MUST READ for you).
To the UMA SACCO Committee and Management
Thank you for the great work. Keep getting solutions for us and especially the salaried unsecured loans. I think more members can be brought on board with the introduction of this product which they are getting from commercial banks but at extremely unfriendly rates and terms. They need to be rescued!
Thank you.

Dr. N. A. UMAS: 00535
Tel: +256-706565470 or +256-783763990

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